DSP: Diagnose Sexuelle Probabiliste

Reference data:

Murail P, Bruzek J, Houët F, Cunha E. 2005. DSP: A tool for probabilistic sex diagnosis using worldwide variability in hip-bone measurements. Bulletins et mémoires de la Societé d'Anthropologie de Paris. 17 (3-4), 167-176.

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Software Development:

João Coelho, MSc

David Navega, MSc

Laboratory of Forensic Anthropology (University of Coimbra)


Measurements Descriptions

Acetabulo-symphyseal pubic length

Minimum distance from the superior and medial point of the pubic symphysis to the nearest point on the acetabular rim at the level of the lunate surface (M 14 - Bräuer, 1988).

Cotylo-pubic breadth

Pubic breadth between the most lateral acetabular point and the medial aspect of the pubis. Measurement is perpendicular to the major axis of the os pubis. Arms of the sliding caliper are thus parallel to the plane of the obturator foramen (Gaillard, 1960).

Maximum pelvic height

Maximum height of os coxae measured from the inferior border of the os coxae to the most superior portion of the iliac crest. Can be taken with slidig calipers or osteometric board (M1 - Bräuer, 1988).

Depth of the great sciatic notch

Distance from the postero-inferior iliac spine (defined as the point of intersection between the auricular surface and the posterior portion of the sciatic notch) to anterior border of the great sciatic notch. Axis of the measurement must be perpendicular to the anterior border. Because of the configuration of hip bone, it is easier to use small arms of sliding caliper (M 15.1 - Bräuer, 1988).

Post-acetabular ischium length

Distance from the most anterior anf inerior point of the ischial tuberosity to the furthest point on the acetabular border (Schulter-Ellis et al., 1983 - IT - A).

Iliac breadth

Distance between the anterior-superior iliac spine and the postero-superior iliac spine (M 12 - Bräuer, 1988).

Spino-sciatic length

Minimum distance between the antero-inferior iliac spine and the deepest point in the greater sciatic notch (Gaillard, 1960).

Spino-auricular length

Distance between the antero-inferior iliac spine and the auricular point. Auricular point is defined as the intersection of the arcuate line with the auricular surface (Gaillard, 1960).

Cotylo-sciatic breadth

Distance between the lateral border of the acetabulum and the midpoint of the anterior portion of the great sciatic notch. Fixed arm of the sliding caliper is parallel to the acetabular plane (M 14.1 - Bräuer, 1988).

Vertical acetabular diameter

Maximum vertical diameter of the acetabulum, measured on the acetabular rim, as a prolongation of the longitudinal axis of the ischium (M 22 - Bräuer, 1988).


Bräuer G. 1988. Osteometrie, in R. Knussmann (ed.), Anthropologie, Handbuch des vergleichenden Biologie des Menschen, Band 1, Gustav Fischer Verlag, Stuttgart, p. 160-232.

Gaillard J. 1960. Détermination sexuelle d’un os coxal fragmentaire. Bulletins et Mémoires de la Société d’Anthropologie de Paris. XIe série, 2 : 255-267.

Schulter-Ellis FP, Schmidt DJ, Hayek LC, Craig J. 1983. Determination of sex with a discriminant analysis of new pelvic bone measurements: Part I, Journal of Forensic Sciences 28 (1): 169-180.

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